Blue Moon Rising
The wind whipped my hair and ruffled my jacket. I stood on the beach and watched as the tide slowly receded. I was waiting. Waiting and hoping that the memory that I had carried since I was 8 years old was just a phantom. But if it was real I was ready.

I felt the reassuring bulk of the pistol in my jacket's pocket and waited. My eyes could make out the dark opening of a cave that was still blocked by water but was rapidly becoming accessible.

My mind drifted back to my oldest memories. I remembered a white room with people, who I soon learned were doctors, standing around my bed talking to one another. Their voices rose and fell as they argued in an incomprehenible language. Bits and pieces made sense but on the whole it was all foreign to me.

Bandages covered my hands and part of my torso. I was sore and scared and wanted.. a stray memory popped up and I remembered my mom. First it was an innocuous memory of her cooking dinner but it segued into her screaming in terror and covered in blood. This caused me to scream in terror as well. One of the doctors came over and a prick in my arm sent me drifting back to sleep.

I was an anamoly that was nevered solved by those in authority. I was a young child who spoke in no known language, had a weird blood type and my eyes were a deep red. Scientists poked and prodded me and learned what they could. In the end one of them adopted me and taught me English. Dr.Peggin raised me as his son and for that I'm grateful.

But now as a young adult I have had flashes of memory that have given me a sense of purpose. I think I know where I came from and why. The cave before me wil be the turning point in my life.

The sea slapped waves aginst the rocks but the entrance was clear enough for me to make my way in. I clicked on my flashlight and slowly splashed my way into the dark wet womb.

It was cold and smelled of rotting sealife. I shivered but whether from the cold or from anticipation I can not say. On and on I walked. Just as I was about to turn around and give up the beam from my light caught a regular shape in its path.

A door was set into the cave wall. A regular house door that was slightly warped from the damp but not as much as one would imagine.
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