Chammie was a quiet girl. She lived in an orphange with many other children all watched over by the kindly, but forgetful, Mrs.O'Neal.

It wasn't Chammie's fault what happened... it was just one of those things.

Everyday Chammie took up a broom and swept out the dining room. Like clockwork, no sooner would she be done than she would hear Mrs.O'Neal tell someone else to do that chore.

Chammie would then retire to the girls dormitory. She liked sitting in the bay window, looking out and beyond.

She wasn't looking at the robin's nest in the tree next to the house. Her gaze wasn't centered on the duck pond at the bottom of the lane. Nor did the hazy mountains on the horizon catch her eye.

What Chammie saw as she leaned her head against the window sill was a fairy kingdom.. and she was a princess. Her mother, the Queen, and her father, the King, both doted upon her. Each vying to be the center of Chammie's attention.

Lost in a delightul reverie, Chammie never heard the other girls come into the room. But that was ok... they never saw Chammie anyway.

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