One fine day, I was napping 'neath an oak tree,
When something tickled and woke me.
I peeked thru tired lids and what did I see?
A velvety muzzle that had nuzzled me.

Proud head, sleek body and sweeping wings,
A creature that never before had I seen.
A toss of his head and a caprice to the right,
The sun glittering off his hide so bright.

A whicker, a nicker and a musical neigh,
Carried to my heart a feeling of the fey.
He made known to me
That on him I should be.

Up I jumped and ran to his side,
I was ready for a magical ride.
From a trot to a leap, we shot into the sky
We soon were way up high.

To the clouds we flew on a steady beat,
But too soon we began a retreat.
Down we went, circling the trees,
then landing softly as can be.

All too soon this waking dream was done.
The creature neighed once and then was gone.
All that was left behind for me to find
Was a single feather and a memory in my mind.

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