Fallen Angel
Once upon a time an Angel fell to Earth.. her wings were stripped from her because of pride.

Michael told her " Pride comes before a fall and ,Lo, how the mighty have fallen. Weep not but strive to regain what you have lost."

The Angel wandered the World and did great and small deeds... waiting to be recalled. Out of despair and need she cried to the Heavens " What must I do to be among the Heavenly Host again?"

A bright light filled the sky and a warm voice echoed around her: "Think of others and not your own gain.. fill others that you might be filled."

The Angel thought and considered and weighed these words. Then with a new resolve went out among the masses and became a storyteller.

Wise words, sad ones, hilarious and moral ones fell from her lips and all enjoyed her tales. The Angel found she enjoyed the telling just as much as those hearing. Heaven was a thought pushed to the back of her mind and today was a day for living and loving and life.

Each day was brighter than the last until one day she awoke surrounded by the golden light of Heaven and wings on her back once more.

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