She holds him in her arms and gazes into his eyes,
Sweetly she whispers of love and lies
He melts as she nibbles at his throat and ear
Heat generates from their building lust
White teeth flash and blood appears
He wants her and she needs must.


Swiftly silently flits from shadow to shadow.
Peering peeking and ever seeking
Finding minding binding his soul
Drinking, sinking, knees are weakening
Face flush, blush, rich red gush
Living on life she stole
Sun comes and she has to rush
Back to her cold crypt keep.

She beckons you from a dark doorway
You smile and wander near
Her eyes shine and her teeth gleam
The trick's on you!


The moon is bright and the wind is still
She looks for yet another man to kill
Quietly she stalk her chosen prey
She drinks then runs away.

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