Mermaid's Song
Slipping through the glittering blue-green,
Feels like silk against me,
Treasures lost that I have seen
Found them deep under the sea.

Swim with the fish and dance with a dolphin,
Swirling, whirling, floating free,
Hear the beat and find the rhythm,
Of life deep under the sea.

Sliding, gliding, part the weeds,
Glinting gold, sparkling jewels,
Nothing there that I need,
Man's treasures are not cool.

Splish splash, slash through a wave,
Feel the air whisper through my hair,
Damp dark my secret cave,
Real treasure hidden there.

Pearls that glow and glimmer,
Grown for none other than Neptune
I'm such a fine swimmer,
I'll receive a great boon.

To walk on land with legs for a day,
Feel the beat and find the rhythm,
Not that I would want to stay,
I just want to try them.

When the moon shines bright,
I know where I'll be
In the place that's right..
Deep under the sea.

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