The Dream Flower

Many years ago in the land of Nod a terrible tradgedy occurred. Nod was known far and wide as the home of the dreamflower.The dreamflower was a small sweetly blooming plant whose perfume would give you sweet dreams.

The people of Nod were a pleasant and happy lot who knew nothing of war and strife. That would change all too soon.

People travelled for days just to pick a bouquet to take home with them. The plant gave off its scent for a few days after plucking before losing its potency.

The people of Nod loved their flower and allowed it to grow wherever it pleased. It wouldn't grow if planted by humans but only if sown by the winds. The dreamflower only grew in small clumps, no more than 5 plants in an area and each plant had only one flower with one seed.

As the fame of its power and scent spread, more and more people came to pluck a bouquet and fewer and fewer plants grew. Slowly but surely fewer sweet dreams came and more mundane or even nightmares began coming to the people of Nod.

But since this was a gradual thing no one noticed or complained. At least not about the lack of dreamflowers.

On the day the last dreamflower was plucked... war.

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