Littlest Dragon warrior

In the year 5,000 there was a kid that got lost in the dark forest and all he had was a thunder sword, one of the most powerful swords.

In the forest he met another kid and he had a fire sword.

They joined together and they started to walk deeper into the dark forest. They came across 5 drackies and 2 mage drakes and they fought and fought and they killed them all.

Then it started to rain and 12 feet away was a cave.

They ran inside the cave.

For 7 days and 7 nights they stayed and when the rain stopped they were like skin and bones.

One of the kids had some food and they ate all of it and they started to walk.

They saw the light and they ran and ran and they got out of the forest.

They said good-bye and went home.

By D.Arensdorfİ2003 aged 9

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