The Oracle of Power
Long ago there was a boy named Link and he had strange powers and these are his items:a mirror shield, the Master Sword, a Biggoron's sword, Dimitri's, Moosh's, Ricky's and the strange flute, a hyper slingshot, a magicial boomerang, a magicial level 3 power ring, an octo ring and a whimsical ring.

One day Link went to the land of Mordor where he met the Subrosians and the Gorons. They told him that Onox and Veran, and the Great Moblin had teamed up to destroy Mordor.

So then he called his friends, Dmitri, Moosh, and Ricky. They set out to find the evil that had been terrorizing Mordor.

They came to a castle and found the Great Moblin, but he was no trouble. Moosh just smashed him. Then they all went into the castle, except Moosh. Moosh guarded the door.

Next, Onox and Veran were on the throne and with one swing with his Master Sword by Link, Veran was on the floor.

Dmitri curled up into a ball with his spikes up.Then Ricky put Dmitri on his hand. He used a cyclone punch. Dmitri went flying and sliced Onox in two.

Then Dmitri and Ricky stayed to make sure Onox and Veran don't do any tricks.

Then Link went to the next room. There he met Ganondorf. Link took the strange flute and it made 52 Links. They all took out their Biggoron Swords and Master Swords. Then they all slashed Ganondorf and he was dead.

The World of Mordor was saved!

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