So the image you want to use is too "busy"..or you just want to use the eyes..well "draw" is what you need to use.

Take your image URL to IM. Go to "draw".

If your size co-ords aren't showing in the status bar..hit cmdR a few times until it does. The first # is how wide your gif is and the second is how tall the image is.

To do an oval or a circle you can use the same formula. From the grey dropdown box choose "ellipse". In the number box the first set of numbers are for telling IM where on your gif to place the circle/oval. If the part of your image you want to isolate is exactly in the middle..simply halve your width and then your height. To move around on your gif either add or subtract from those numbers.

The second set of numbers are for telling IM how big you want your circle/oval. Start at +100+100 ... you can always hit "back" and make the numbers bigger/smaller. To get an oval instead of a circle.. make eiher the first number bigger or smaller than the second..bigger makes a wide oval..smaller makes a tall oval.

You now need to add a third set of co-ords. 0,360 tells IM to close the line.


A whole formula would look like this...
+200+200 +100+100 0,360

Of course those numbers (except 0,360) are all dependant on your gif size and where you want the oval/circle to be.. and there _is_ a space between each set of numbers.

Next you choose what color circle you want and if you want you can use a color for stroke too..making the stroke larger helps for a nicer looking edge.

Click draw when you are ready.


You will see just where that circle ended up everything you want "in" the circle covered? If not hit "back" and make your oval bigger..smaller or move it..

Once you have your circle just where you want it..go to "paint" and choose "color" "reset" and choose a color that is not the same as your circle.

Go to "draw" and click "draw" won't have to touch the co-ords..they are already perfect :-).


You'll have a circle on a background of solid color..let's get rid of that background. Go to "paint" (under your image) and choose "matte" "replace" 9999 in the fuzz box and erase the color in the color box. Touch the color background.

Now go to "composite"..use your image URL and "center" "in" "composite".

Does your circle look good? Is everything in it that you wanted? Cool! If not hit "back" until you get to the draw page again and move your co-ords a bit.


If it looks fine you can now place a bgcolor in it again by using "color" "floodfill" and a color. Touch the transparent part with the arrow.

Now you are ready to follow the rest of the Card Tute.


Roundrectangle is a bit tougher for me to explain but I'll give it a try. At draw instead of choosing "ellipse" choose "roundrectangle". Again there will be 3 sets of numbers to fill in. The first Number is how far over from the left. The second Number is how far down from the top.. ths will make the top left point. Again a space. The third number will be how far over to the right and the Fourth number will be how far down from the top : this will make the bottom right point.

Another space. The last set of numbers are for telling IM how much angle to place the corners at..the higher the number the rounder. Start at 5,5 and go up from there. IM fills in the RR from these co-ords.

A full formula would look some thing like this.. +50+50 +300+150 6,6 To make a image almost full of a RR use small numbers for your first set of co-ords and largge numbers for your second set. ie +5+5 +160+180+ 6,14 for a 165x185 image.


Again you fill in the color of your choice for fill and stroke. Click "draw".

Then follow the same steps as for circle to get your image into the RR. Once everything looks great go to the Card Tute.

OR you can go to "transform" and click "trim"..then use "decorate" and add a border to your image..then annotate and comp the icons on to your card.

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