Ready to make a really pretty image? The quickest way to do this will be to have all your images ready and in the same directory.. so you can carry more than 1 URL easily.

Below..way way below..I'll have examples to show you just what you can do with this frame :-)

This moon frame requires you to take 2 trips to ImageMagick. Your first trip you will need this frame (or any of my other frames below) and the image you want framed. This image can be anything.. I used a scene and placed a transparent pegasus gif over that.. saved it and was ready to go from there :-)

Use the moon frame URL first. Go to the paint option and choose "matte" "replace" and erase the "white" leaving that blank. Click on the _blue_ part of the "moon".

Go to "composite" and use your image URL. Use "in" and "center" should work.. you may have to play with the +0+0 numbers to have it perfect. If there's not enough room for most of your image.. go ahead and re-size the frame.. but be sure to have 2 moon frames the exact same size (either before you start or make a copy when you get done with the next part)... you'll need a second one later :-)

Output and save as a gif. You'll see why in a minute :)

Once again bring the frame to IM but this time have a background tile that compliments your image.. similar colors or texture.

Go to the "paint" option and choose "matte" "replace" and erase the "white" leaving it blank. Click on the _red_ portion of the moon.

Now go to "composite" and use your background tile URL. Use "in" and check "tile across". Click composite.

Your tile will fill the one side and outline the bigger circle.

Go to composite again... once the page has loaded go get the URL of your moon framed image ( unless you know how to carry more than 2 URLs at a which case ignore the rest of this bit).. I will sometimes send all the URLs I'm working with to myself in an I didn't have to keep going into my accounts...after grabbing the URL of your framed moon image use your "back" key until you are back at the IM composite page.

Use the URL of your moon framed image with "plus" "center" and be sure to uncheck the tile across.

Your image is now a lovely piece of art :-) But there's a few last steps to do..go to "transform" and use the "trim" option if you like ...then go to paint.. choose "color" "replace" and any color ( I choose Black). Click on the transparent part of the gif and fill the color in.. next you can go to "decorate" and frame/border away :-) Examples of what I made below.

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