To animate your lighter at IM:

Grab the URL of your finished lighter and the flame..

Go to IM

At IM place the URL of the lighter in the URL box.

Once inside go to the "paint" option and choose "color"reset" and black"...this will give you a rectangle in black the exact same size as your lighter.. go to resize and make this rectangle least 50 or more pixels larger.

You can either stop here or make the rectangle transparent.. you do this at the paint option by using "matte" "replace" and _erase_and leave _blank_ the color box. Click your image and it should be transparent.

Now go to composite..use your Lighter URL and "South", +0+0 and "over" or "in". This will place your lighter at the bottom of the blank background.. now you have room to place your flame on top of your lighter.

Go to composite again..this time use your flame gif URL. Use "Northeast" +0+0 and "over" or "in"... you'll have to fiddle with co-ords to get it just right.

Once the flame is where you want it.. hit output, choose "gif" "multifile" and go down to loop place a "0" and at "delay" place 30 or can always press "back" to speed up or slow down your ani..( or you can skip this because the flame gif's speed is what will determine the rate of "movement on your Lighter) press "output".

Now you have your own personal lighter.. you may want to go to gifbots or gifworks to optimize it..less bytes means faster load

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