This was a post I made to help those without a firm idea of what exactly to do with my blanks. This tute can be used with any of the blanks I've drawn

Top Mirror gif

Place a scene in the above gif..anything like trees or an ocean pic, people..a really big truck :-D Use "composite", "in" "center".

Take that IM URL and use "comp" "over" and "center" and place it over this gif.

 Bottom Mirror gif

They are just a few pixels off from each other.. not noticeably as my eyes can tell. It was a pain getting rid of the arms..usually I remember to save just the circle part first.. but I was too excited and forgot :-D Then re-size as you wish.

You can also change the blue "arms" at gifworks to any color you like.

Once you have the URL of the image over the mirror.. Use that URL and place it over a blank colored gif (I use black most of the time) and save as a jpg.. this will cut down on the final images kbs.

To get a blank back the right size.. take your final image to IM..once viewing it, scroll down and from the drop down boxes choose "color" "reset" and place the color of your choice into the color box.. click your image.

Now you have a blank the exact size you can do two things now... either comp your mirror over, frame if you like OR resize 20 or 30 pixels larger (both height and width) then you can use a background tile and "North", "over" checkmark "tile across" at composite. This will give you a textured background.. place your final mirror over that..frame if you wish and output.

At output you can compress the image to save bytes.. choose "jpeg" "single file" and scroll down to where it says "compress"..choose "jpeg"..then go to the box with "75" in it and place a 20 or 30 there. Click output.

OR you can go to netmechanic and there you can choose just how many bytes to save.. it depends on how much space you want to save VS the quality of the image.

You can find Netmechanic at this tool site, click on the box marked "Image Reducers" and then click on the upload button..most of the time if you go straight from looking at your image your URL will be in the box.. but I always carry my URL with just in case it's not there.

To have 2 mirrors just use "flop" at IM and sae.. do this for both gifs.. then resize both left and right mirrors (all four) when you are ready... which could be before you start putting images in (all 4) or once you have your final final image..then you only have to resize 2:-)

I saw a motorcycle mirror at google.. it had flames swirling off the edges... I _might_ be able to make that :-)

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