Take one of these envelopes 1 2 3and this paper gif charm and spice them up with just a few items. You'll need a nice background tile like this, a doll or any transparent edged gif like this and one more transparent gif to be the "seal" or envelope "stamp" like this.

Your first step will be to "matte" "replace" and no color at "fill" the middle of either the envelope or the paper... whichever you chose to work with first.

Go to composite and use the URL of your background tile, North, +0+0 and "in"..be sure to checkmark "tile across". Hit "composite".

Now use "color" "replace" and whatever color you like at "fill" and touch the middle again. This will turn the transparent part to that color.

Now go back to composite and use the URL of your doll or whatever transparent edged gif you choose and "Southwest"+10+10 and "over". Hit composite. This will place your gif just off the decorative edge.

Go back again this time (if doing the envelope) and use the URL of your stamp. Use "North" +0+79 and "over". Hit composite.

Now you can save this as a jpg at output.

For my paper I did the same as above but with a few differences:

I matte replaced the middle and composited in the background tile..I output this as a gif and grabbed that URL in my LBB memory.

I hit "back" until I was back at the image again. Then I used "color" "reset" and any color (in this case "mistyrose").

I went to "composite" and used the URL of my stamp gif and used "North" "tile across" and "over". Next I went to "enhance" and use 150 and Brightness..this dulled my gif a bit..then I went to effects and used 2x2 gaussian blur to soften it even more. Then back to composite.

This time I used the URL of my cowgirl and SW +10+10 and "over". Again back to composite but this time I used the URL of my outer frame (the IM temp URL)..and "center" +0+0 and "over".

I output as a jpg.

One other effect I found looked nice was "spread" at about 3 or 5. Then Gaussian Blur at 2x2..then comping a transparent gif in the corner. Masks could be used to make the "paper" more interesting looking too!

For using envelope 3 you'll need to matte replace more colors...and then fill in the top flap with a color that compliments your background tile but is lighter. You also have to matte replace the right and left triangular edges of what is the background before using the background tile...then fill as you like..depending on what color background you want to place your final image on.
If you choose to have your envelope and paper on one gif you'll need to use this blank to place both gifs on. This is a black background but you can change it to whatever color you like. Place your envelope at comp with NorthWest +0+0 and your Paper at SouthEast +0+0. Then re-size as you like. Output as a jpg.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tute on how to make your own personal stationery..and maybe you'll want to try some of my other charm tutes :-)
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