Want to make a cute watch? Use my blanks below and follow the steps I'll provide. Once you get how to do it.. be creative and add your own details!
Step 1.. the watch face
Choose which you would rather use as a background.. either the white or the black watch face. Find a cute gif to place over this..a rose, a puppy, a rainbow or a scenic jpg like a waterfall or a sunset.. the choices are endless!

At ImageMagick you can make the watch face larger.. be sure that the gif does _not_ extend over to the outside ring, use "matte" "replace" and no color at the Paint option.. touch the outer ring.. then go to Composite and use "in" so that the gif doesn't extend into the outer "ring". If you resized the gif be sure to return it to the original 200x200 size before outputing as a gif.

Step 2.. the outer ring.

Using the same images get a pretty tile to be used around the outside of the watchface.. or the outer ring :-)

At IM use "matte" "replace" and erase the "white" at color. Click your image right in the middle. This will cause the center to become transparent.

Now go to composite and place the URL of your pretty tile there.. choose North, "in" and tile across ( checkmark the box) and hit "composite".

Save this as a gif.. you want the center to remain transparent.

The rest of these steps can all be done at one time at IM if you write down the names of each of the gifs.. and have them all in the same directory.

Take your watch URL that has your gif over it and this numbered face's URL and comp the numbered face over the other.
Transparent Numbered Faces

Now use the "hands" to mark what "time" it is :-) I have big ones and little ones here. You can use "rotate" at composite to move the "hands" around to show different times.

While still at IM go to composite again and place your pretty "ring" over your watch.
You can quit here or add a "Watch Band" by taking a gif tile to Gifworks. Once at Gifworks choose the "hourglass" option. Then crop this in half.. so that it looks like a Hershey Kissİ. Then rotate right or left.. go to resize and make this image 100 wide by no more than 40 to 80 high. Go to the effects again and choose "cylinder". I added holes to one of mine by using the "text" option and writing three O's on my gif.

You can stop here or make a left and a right.. if you stop and save here once at IM you will need to use "rotate" at composite with a 180 in that box to have a "left" and a "right".

Go to IM with the URL of your almost done watch and the watch band URL(s).. use the decorate feature and place a 100x0 black or white border around your watch ( depending on which IM you are at... Cristy's use white..NET4TV..use black) or you can try doing a 100x0 nocolor border ( erase and leave that box empty). Then go to composite and place the bands on either side of your watch. I have one band with holes and one without.. just my preference :-)

Here's the quicky way of doing all the above ... take my images and Composite "in" your choices of tiles.. especially for the ring and the watch bands. Then place them together in the same order.

Once you have all of your features (gif image. transparent numbers, and hands if you want, plus the ring) in place you can save the face as a jpg. Then you can add your watch "bands" and anything else around the outside of the watch.

This tute takes longer to read than it does to actually make.. as long as you have all the stuff ready to go in one directory/webpage.


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