All about me
Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Misty and I'm the mother of 3 wonderful boys: Daniel, Andrew and Joeseph. I'm an Ojibwe Indian who lives in the Midwest. I'm also a "mom" to a cockatoo, a macaw, a cat, a dog and 2 tanks of fish :-)

I love to create things but am very, shall we say, artistically handicapped. Thanks to cyberspace I've been able to satisfy my urge to create and manipulate.. all from the comfort of my easy chair. I decided to sign all my images and some of my 'tutes' with "mistymage" as a spoof between "misty" and "image".

To contact me.. just click here

There are links to my sites on my index pages. They include e-mail signature images, tutorials, stories and poems, the ImageMagick Status page and a quilt of images made as a tribute to Mr.Cristy, the creator of ImageMagick, and Net4TV, who host a free copy of it. The quilt was made as a joint effort between myself and numerous imagers.

I've had a great time not only making images but also building websites and writing fantasy stories. My sons also enjoy writing short stories and surfing the internet with our webby!

Webtv has made a huge difference in my life. I now have friends all over the world!

You can also email me here.

Well, enough about me.. onto my sites.

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