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Welcome to the wonderful world of Gaussian Blur and Misting. These imaging techniques are used at ImageMagick to create beauty. I will walk you through how to use Gaussian Blur and show you various images created with it. All of this was done using a webby! There will be links to other Tutorials on various other effects as well. Now on to imaging!

I started with this picture and took it to ImageMagick.

The original size was 225x150. I resized it to 275x200. Then I went to the "Effects" tab and clicked it. In the textbox I typed in 2.0x2.0 and clicked on the "Gaussian Blur". Then I hit "create". Then I hit "output", chose "jpeg" and "single file" and "output". The result was this image.

Here's one that was 6.0x6.0 Gaussian Blur

Interesting but not exactly a neat picture, right? Well, let's see what we can do with Gaussian Blur.

I took the original image and used 6.0x6.0 GB, resized it to 275x200. Then I went to "Composite". I placed the original URL into the URL textbox. I chose "composite out". Then I went just below my image ( which now has a black/white rectangle the same size as the original image depending on which IM you are at) and used the "paint" option. I chose "matte", "replace" and "none" for the fill color. This made the black/white transparent. ( Sometimes it is a transparent rectangle without having to do the above steps ~ depends on IM's mood :-) Then I went to "composite" again. I left my URL in the textbox and chose "over". Here's the result.

Not bad!

Say you have a photo of a favorite pet or one of a child. To spice it up a little you can do this. Take an URL to IM, once there go to decorate and choose "border" and any color you like.

I resized this image 50 pixels larger. Now it's 250x200. I then used Gaussian Blur at "Effect" .Then resized by 10 pixels for width and 10 for height. Then I went to "Effect" and used 6.0x6.0 and Gaussian Blur again. Then composited the original "over" again. The more you resize ( in small increments) and use Gaussian Blur.. the more of a softened edge you will get.

The result is called "Misting". You can choose any color for this because the color will be a frame for your image, while your image becomes a blurred frame.

All of the following images were resized to 275x200, had 6.0x6.0 GB used and different "composite" options.
Using different effects
Now let's try compositing an image into a Gaussian Blurred background.

I used my morning glories and resized them to 355x243. That was the size of this image

I used 6.0x6.0 GB and comped with "plus" the duckling URL. The result is below.

Here's one with "Difference" and all the above steps.

I wanted to see what would happen if, after using GB, I framed and raised my image and used composite, what would happen. I used "plus" Here's that image.
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