Roll and decorate

A new way to put a little "depth" into your imaging.

1)Take any URL to any IM.

2)Use decorate and place a frame around your image. Be sure to use the + feature to really give the frame depth ie: 20x20+3+17 Border work ok but doesn't give a 3-D effect.

3) Now go to transform.

4)In the parameter textbox place your image's width and height.. then add +50+50 like so: 300x100+50+50

5) Choose "roll" and hit "transform!

6) This moved your frame over 50 pixels and down 50 pixels! Pretty neat!

7) Continue doing this until you are happy.. you can change the +50+50 to any number that is less than the width or height.

8) You can also use negative numbers! like 300x100+80-75

9) Then use other effects like "implode" or "swirl".

A few examples below

A sister tute has been made for Roll and Decorate!! Mumsy came up with Christmas gifts and a Quick Easy Window!! Here it is!! Check it out and check out her sig site!
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