The following blurbs are how to get into ImageMagick and how to save the images you created. The exact way to do it will vary according to what your specific computer does. Below that will be links to various imaging tutorials fellow webtv/msntv people have made.

Here are the 4 IMs available online.
Tasker running gateway flat screen, 20 gig hard drive, 256 ram, and windows xp

"You need to put Mr Christys IM in favorites, also your file maneger, in favorites.

now when you make an image at IM, go through output, then put cursor on image, right click it, then use save as, a list will appear, put image in my pictures.

now bring up your file manager, upload pc url to file manager, now you will have a usefull url, that you can use wherever you want, the point is you have to get pc image to file manager."

MorgueMama running IE4.5 or IE5

"All I do is click my IM link in my MSN Favorites. The regular page shows up and then.... I just click "browse" may not see it now on the lbb (webby) but it's there when you're on the pc.

So...I go to the folder where I keep the image i'm going to play with; click it and then hit "view"'s on the next page and I start to work.

The difference?

I can snatch any stage of work and save it without "output" by simply right clicking the mouse.

I can also get the thumb ...first you have to see it in the lower right hand (SE corner)corner...and right click that too.

Each time you right click , you get a pop-up that essentially asks how do you want to save it? I generally click,"as a picture"..then you're prompted as to which folder you want to place it in...

Brain-dead simple..AND taking an image with you. And when you want to comp a different image? same thing...there WILL BE a "browse' box...hit it...and go get the image you want and continue.

I forgot to mention using them on a server...or rather getting them to your Tasker said...very simple: You will have an area at the bottom of your directories (the Zone for example)...looks like a multi-file beamer...CAUSE IT IS...only the radio buttons say "Browse"

So if you're dropping stuff into an acct at Tripod,Zone etc...Just hit the Browse button and select what it is you need and you have 10 spaces for images to upload at once.

Getting stuff FROM the zone,Tripod...internet: Simpler, merely click your or "their" image,then right-click it and place it in the desired folder.

There I think it's all covered.

Sorta scarey...cause you're trying to envision something prior to actually seeing first hand what we mean...BUT you're familiar w/your accounts and W/ the rest is Cinchy..."

IM tutorial links

AquaBlue's Imaging and Annotating Tutes
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Misty's Tutes Index
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There are literally hundreds of IM tutes out on the www. And there are many sites that have them listed. Here's a link to google if you want to find a specific tutorial. google+ ImageMagick+tutes.

If I can be of help..feel free to email me..and I'll try to find the answer!

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