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Tables can be intimidating to read... but if we start simple and build from there..soon you will be using tables in all your websites and sigs.

All tables have some codes in common... called tags...such as table, td and tr.

The table tag tells your LBB or pc to place the images or words in a table which is like a house. Just like with a sig or website the default placement is to the left.

The td tag is like a room... images or words are placed inside the td tags.

The tr tag tells how many "floors" your "house" has.

Each opening tag also has a closing tag...just by placing a / in front of it.

<table><tr><td>info or image</td></tr></table>

If you fail to close your table tags in the opposite order made your table won't work. Another way to visualize this is like


I'll demonstrate a simple 2 "room" table below.


Now let's add some colors so you can see the tds.


Let's give the table some width and color.

By using "border" I can get more of the red to show in my table.


To move images or text around in the table you use "align" or "valign". Align is for left, center or right. Valign is for up, middle or down. I'm also going to use a height on the table so you can see the alignment better. Tables automatically are as tall as your images or text..whatever is the tallest defines the height.


Let's add another "row" or tr or "floor" to our "house" or table.

left bottomright bottom

As you've seen above the table automatically made the table perfectly equal in each td or room... But suppose you want only one td on top or bottom instead of 2? You would use a "colspan="2"... like the following code. There will be more about colspan on page 2.

one td
left bottomright bottom

left tdright td
one bottom td

Want to learn more about tables? Then follow me to this Page 2 or go to Page 3